Located in Elgin, Illinois

Item Pick-up Hours (by Appointment Only)

Sun-Sat 8:00AM-7:00PM

E.R.A. Gardens

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In Response to COVID-19

We will continue to operate but will be arranging no-contact pickups and deliveries. This is to reduce exposure per recommendation by the government. We are also taking precautions to disinfect everything we use. Thank you for your cooperation and

Happy Planting!

Join us at our first ever Spring Open Sale!
Normally to make a purchase at ERA Gardens an individual appointment is required. However, we are having this event open to all who RSVP. That way you can browse to your heart's content, ask us questions in person, learn about our methods, and make a purchase all without having to schedule an appointment.
RSVP on Facebook
Some FREE Vegan snacks as well as a raffle for a FREE Garden Consultation will be available!
We will also have special sales that you wont find on our website or Facebook Marketplace!
This planting season is very important in helping the regeneration of the Earth. Climate change is real and is here and we must all do our part to reverse it. Let's work together to do so!
Members on our website will receive an event coupon for 10% off of their purchase when they RSVP.
We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!

Happy New Year! From all of us at E.R.A. Gardens including our new friend, Kachi the Coqui! Kachi is a Coqui frog from "El Yunque" rain-forest in Puerto Rico. The Taino (the native people of Puerto Rico) believe that the Coqui are tree spirits who sing together at night. Kachi will be helping us spread awareness of rain-forest burning and clearing for animal agriculture and resources. As


we are promising to donate 10% of all sales revenue to rain-forest protection and restoration non-profits! This will help protect many animals of the rain-forest just like Kachi and their family as well as help preserve what has been called "the lungs" of our planet: the Rain-forest

Eat Local
Think Global

Grow Food

Not Lawns

Feed the Soil

Not the Plant